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Miniature Silky Fainting Goats

Our farm is located on 45 acres in southern Saskatchewan and we have a small herd of Miniature Silky Fainting Goats.  These little guys are adorable and make the perfect pet with their extreme good looks and wonderful temperament

We are a registered breeder of Miniature Silky Fainting Goats and imported our bucks from the US to introduce a new blood line to the Canadian scene.  We hope to enhance and promote awareness of this adorable breed in Canada.  We only offer as breeding stock those kids that best conform to MSFGA standards and offer the greatest potential for extreme bangs and coats.  Others are sold locally as pets.

Our goats are registered with MSFGA and MGR.

We also breed AKKPS and AKKPR registered KuneKunes. Please see koakunekunes.ca for information on our breeding stock and available litters.